Ferdinand, the little red tractor

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Das beliebte Kinderbuch von Ferdinand, dem kleinen roten Traktor als Hardcover-Ausgabe in englischer Sprache. Ursprünglich produziert für Porsche USA. Hier eine Rezension von Mrs. F. Shore, AACA:


By Claus Mueller, illustrated by Wolfgang Goebel Munchen. This book is available in English and in German

Claus Mueller is a young man who enjoys motorized vehicles of all types. He visited the Hershey Meet in 2002 and brought several of his Ferdinand books with him. The book and Claus Mueller both provide us with a wonderful awareness that our enjoyment of the antique automobile, tractors or a touch of the past is not German or American, but universal.

This child’s book is a delightful story about a very busy red Porsche tractor that performed his farm tasks well. He did get a bump on his nose trying to gain the attention of the cows because he did not feel the farm animals appreciated him as they should so he was not watching where he was driving and did bump into a tree. That bump never kept him from being useful and doing his job. The farmer decided to buy a very large and much more efficient tractor and Ferdinand was then left in a shed. His sadness was lightened when he was sold and again put into use. Ferdinand was resold yet again and this time he did not work on a farm but was driven to a place and stored with many other vehicles. He had been purchased by a lover of antique vehicles and he was now taken to places where there were other old vehicles. His enjoyment of this was great as he rode to these events on an open trailer and stood gleaming among such a variety of motorized machines. One day he realized that a book for children had been written about him and he now knew that he was loved and appreciated, even with a bump on his nose. -- Enjoyed and reviewed by Fran Shore


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